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Bundy, Barney and Jess - Loveable Labradors

Loveable Labradors

A lovely recommendation for our Canine Joint Support Supplement from Barb Vial.

Left to right – Bundy, Barney and Jess

“The photo is of my two kids, and their friend, Bundy, who they stayed with for ten days recently.

All three are on your product.Two are aged boys, but happy and mobile, and Jess is only eight but I believe a bit of prevention never hurts ! With thanks Barb Vial”

Kaitlyn Smith - Polocrosse Player

Kaitlyn Smith

Kaitlyn Smith a very talented young Polocrosse Player sent this message:-

“2019 Polocrosse season is finally here! My ponies enjoyed a well earned break, started work to get fit and are now ready for the season. Polocrosse can be fast and furious so your horse needs to be super fit and healthy and that includes joint health. I have used Joint Performance Equine Joint Supplement for a number of years and recommend it for all horses no matter what discipline they are used for. My sincere thanks to Joint Performance for ensuring the joint health of my horses.”

Gail Benson ~ Dressage Rider

Gail Benson on Bond

Just an update on how well my horses are going on Joint Performance Formula 2.

Gracefield Stefan (Steffie) is a 22 year old warmblood competing at small tour. Stefan has been on Joint Performance Formula 2 all his life and certainly doesn’t feel or act like a 22 year old. Many assume he is half that age and he is still competing with success.

My younger horse Noblewood Park Casino Royale (Bond) has been on Joint Performance Formula 2 since I purchased him. We started competing Novice mid last year with success and we have just had our first few starts at Elementary level with a win and places.

I know that Joint Performance Formula 2 is assisting both horses retain healthy joints in their dressage careers.

Calabash Kennels and Cattery - Luxury Pet Accommodation

Calabash Kennels and Cattery

We are so proud to say Calabash Kennels recommends Joint Performance

Calabash Kennels & Cattery is an outstanding Kennels and Cattery located in Sydney’s Hills DIstrict. One of the most difficult decisions regarding your pet will be which kennel or cattery will you take them to when you go away. They make sure your “other children” feel like they are at home.

“Our aim is to ensure your pets have as much fun during their stay with us as you do on your holiday. We really do care about your pets and we all love what we do – we recognise that your pets may initially miss their owners so we make sure that all our caring staff give your pets lots of love and attention. We recommend Joint Performance for any dogs showing signs of joint mobility problems.”


Robert Schmerglatt

Joint Performance is the proud sponsor of Fiderfurst. Robert has had experience with stallions in Germany and has a wonderful empathy and understanding with his horses. They have built a great partnership in a very short period of time, winning the Australian Prix St George Star of the Future in 2018.

Robert Schmerglatt / Riding Fiderfurst

Since starting him on the Joint Performance canine supplement and some physical therapies he is more active and his limp is much improved, he enjoys a swim, play fighting and being chased around the kitchen.
He loves the powder in his food and licks it out of his bowl..

Sam ~ The Maltese Poodle / 15 year old and going strong

Harley - The Tenterfield Terrier

Cute little Harley is only 9 weeks old. His future will be in agility and we look forward to following his career. Joint Performance sends a big thank you to Ashleigh for using our Canine Joint Support Formula Two.

Harley / Tenterfield Terrier

Our Sponsored Agility Dogs

I have been using Joint Performance on my dogs over 2 years. Spice, at 8.5 years old has often pulled up stiff after big competitions. She has been working freely and happily since starting Joint Performance, and recently won the title of NSW Agility Dog of the Year for the third year in a row.

Sarah Kirkwood / Spice, Scream, Seeker & Friend

 Noah's Ark Veterinary Services

Noah’s Ark Veterinary Services

Noah’s Ark Veterinary Services have been using  and recommending Joint Formula Two Canine and Equine for over 5 years.

We are very happy with our patients response to these products and the palatability is excellent.

Our vets and nurses use these products on their own dogs and horses, which makes us very confident to recommend joint performance to our clients

Vicky Ireland ~ Practice Manager

Molly Chocolate Labrador

Horse and People MagazineMolly was often lame and was becoming more sedentary and putting on weight. Since starting her on the Canine Joint Support, she is so much happier and back to her lively self. Knowing that Joint Performance is an Australian product made with very high quality ingredients is what got me over the line when choosing a joint supplement. “I highly recommend it.”

Cristina Wilkins / Editor, Horses and People magazine

Laura North's Horses

Both the boys were pretty excited to open their brand new bucket of Joint Performance – Equine and Canine this morning!

Laura Northover / Breakfast Bliss

Search Dogs Sydney - LogoJazz. A member of the Search Dogs Sydney K9 Team. Adopted at 6 months old this special girl started her training with Search Dogs Sydney to become one of the incredible K9 team in the search and rescue of people.

Jazz / Search Dogs Sydney K9 Team

Rachel Downs

On Joint Performance the horses have continuously felt better and more supple. I have witnessed a significant and extremely positive result on all of them. Not only do my horses joint areas look better on the outside and recover very well after competition, the difference in how the horses feel to work is incredible. More elastic, mobile and no stiffness.

Rachel Downs / Dressage


Meet the gorgeous Groodle, Teddy!

A Groodle is a hybrid breed which is a mix of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Teddy is a boisterous 14 month old who’s vet recommended he be started on Joint Performance Formula Two.

Teddy’s vet recognised that he should be started on Joint Performance to support his large joints and continue to live a healthy and active life!

We love that we can keep Teddy happy and running around for years to come!