Prevention is better than Cure


‘Prevention is better than cure’ — this proverb is particularly true in Canine Joint Mobility.
Joint Performance Canine Support Formula Two is for dogs of all ages. In older dogs, as in humans, joint wear and tear and osteoarthritis can affect joint mobility. Glucosamine sulphate and Chondroitin sulphate are the key building blocks found in strong flexible and healthy joints. These actives can assist with cartilage repair and help protect joints and cartilage from damage in dogs of all ages. In younger dogs these pharmaceutical grade actives are essential in building strong and healthy joints and cartilage – so as the saying goes ” Prevention is better than cure”. Our canine supplements will improve health and build vitality and help prevent future joint degradation. Don’t wait for symptoms of joint damage – give your dogs superior joint protection with Canine Support Formula Two and keep your loved ones active, healthy and happy.