Kaitlyn Smith (Polocrosse – NSW)


In only the second year playing I travelled down to Albury and participated in the coaching week at the Australian Junior Classic, that week led me to playing for the third NSW side for the weekend, the following year I was selecting to play for the second NSW team, once again at the Australian Junior Classic and we were up against the first NSW team and we beat them for the first time in history which was a major thing for me. Also earlier this year I travelled up to QLD and played in the NSW Junior Girl’s Team in the Barastock Series 2015, then later on the year I was lucky enough to be captain of the Junior Girl Southern Highlands Team at the NSW Zone Championships. I couldn’t have achieved all these things if it wasn’t for not only horse but my best friend ‘Yalarra Tango’.


Yalarra Tango – aged 11 years old & he has been playing polocrosse since he was three years of age, he has played A Grade Level Polocrosse basically his whole life, he has played zone and state polocrosse.  What I love most about him is when you play a game of polocrosse he knows exactly what to do and when you play all you have to worry about is the getting the ball and he will do the rest. He makes polocrosse a walk in the park.


‘Before using this product Tango did have sore joints from all his hard years of polocrosse, he looked uncomfortable at times because of this but now ever since using the product he looks healthy, happy and very comfortable whether it be him just walking around in the paddock or playing a game of polocrosse. I suggest this great product to anyone as it really does help your horse’s joints and make them more comfortable and have smoother movement. It also helps your horse and yourself have a more comfortable ride.’

Kaitlyn Smith