Why choose canine joint support formula two?

Canine Joint Formula

 We are confident when we say we provide the best joint supplement for dogs.

Quite simply – our joint supplements for dogs provide the optimal blend of Glucosamine and Chondroitin for your dog. Joint support supplements can be thought of as vitamins for joint health.

Our joint pain relief supplements address joint inflammation and glucosamine benefits an increase in cartilage and fluid surrounding joints and helps prevent breakdown of these substances. Canine supplements have come a long way and our dog arthritis supplements provide joint pain relief for dogs and the highest quality of joint therapy and just as importantly the best return on investment for your canine friend.

If you look at our table above – you can see that Joint Performance provides the most comprehensive joint formula for dogs and outperforms our competition. Alternative joint therapy supplements or services may well leave you disappointed or live up to your expectations, but Joint Performance Joint Health Products offer the highest quality of supplement for your dog with the most effective actives. We all know our pets can be financially challenging –  but if you purchase wisely, you can offer your canine friend the best cartilage supplement in Australia at the best value for money.

green-tick-smGlucosamine sulphate and Chondroitin sulphate are the key building blocks found in strong flexible and healthy joints. CANINE JOINT PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS contain the optimal grade and quantity of these same naturally occurring building blocks, providing the solution to your dog’s joint health needs.

Joint Performance – Canine Joint Support Formula is a premium joint specific Formulation that acts in two ways:
1) maintenance, repair and protection of joints throughout your dog’s life. Prevention is always better than cure.
2) provides treatment for existing cartilage degeneration.

Joint inflammation is a result of damage. Products that address inflammation only are essentially treating symptoms and DO NOT provide the necessary building blocks for cartilage maintenance and repair. Don’t simply mask the pain. Use Joint Performance for the effective long-term management of your dog’s joint health.

Joint Performance products provide superior joint protection, maintenance and repair effect when used daily, and can be safely and effectively combined with polysulphated pentosan injection schedules to further stimulate the protection and repair process.