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News from Sarah Kirkwood

Seeker recently gained his Agility Champion title at only 5 years of age. This is the highest award available in agility in Australia and is something very few dogs achieve. It requires consistent results in the highest level of competition and lots of hard work. He has consistently won and placed in Masters Agility and Masters Jumping classes, allowing him to earn the required points to be classed as an Agility Champion. Thank you to Joint Performance for supporting him from a young age and helping to keep him fit to play the game.

Food for Thought

Essential Insights for Understanding Equine Behaviour

“I figure that no matter how well trained a horse already is and no matter what we are doing with him, we are always training – whether adding new behaviors, modifying an existing behavior or reinforcing an already-established behavior. It doesn’t matter if you are feeding a horse, if you are riding at a lope across a pasture, or if your farrier is shoeing your horse; the horse is learning and is being trained, whether or not you think of it as a formal training session.”

The essential handbook for understanding why horses do what they do.
Cherry Hill / How to Think Like a Horse