Joint Performance is an Australian owned niche company established in 2003 and solely focused on providing high quality joint health products to the Australian canine and equine industry.

Joint Performance is Australia’s leading equine and canine joint health company. We are proudly Australian owned and are based in the Hawkesbury region of NSW.  Established in 2003, Joint Performance was founded by Dr Georgina Learmonth and focused on providing high quality joint supplements for horses and dogs. We now practrice what we know best – joint health and providing the best supplement for joint pain.

Joint Performance joint health supplements are based on comprehensive and sound research, which deliver naturally occurring pharmaceutical grade biomolecules that provide effective joint protection and pain relief for horse and dog.

Dr Georgina Learmonth BSc PhD

Georgina completed her Science Degree at The University of Sydney with majors in biochemistry and microbiology.  Having spent a brief period of time working with A/Professor Daria Love, she commenced her PhD at the Veterinary Faculty of The University of Sydney. Whilst undertaking her PhD Georgina established Joint Performance Pty Ltd in 2003 when her own horse was diagnosed with DJD. At this time she used her scientific background to develop an oral joint health product ensuring the highest quality of supplement for her horse with the most effective actives based on comprehensive and sound research. Georgina has research interests in vaccine development, virology as well as respiratory viral infections in horses, namely EHV-1/4.

Joint Performance is an Australian owned company based in the Hawkesbury region in NSW, joint supplements in dogs dietssolely focused on providing high quality joint glucosamine and chondroitin formula health products for the equine and canine markets and practicing what we know best – joint health.


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Jocelyn West
I have been using joint performance on my thirteen year old warmblood gelding for approximately seven years . He is currently training FEI level , which as we are all well aware can be very physically taxing on horses joints. Every morning when I turn him out in the paddock after being stabled during the night he trots and canters off freely without any stiffness or shortness of stride . His legs are always free of any swelling and lameness . I firmly believe that joint performance has had a big part to play in my horses continued soundness.
Jocelyn West
Cristina Wilkins
Brilliant product, I am feeding their Canine Joint Supplement to my lab who has orthopaedic issues and she’s the best she’s ever been. I can’t recommend it highly enough
Cristina Wilkins