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Joint Performance is the leading Equine and Canine Joint Health Specialists

Joint Support Formula 2 is a Scientifically and clinically tested pharmaceutical grade supplement used to maintain healthy joints.

Joint Supplements for Horses and Dogs : Joint Performance Pty Ltd is an Australian owned niche-company solely focused on providing the highest quality and most effective Joint Health solutions to the Australian Equine and Canine markets.

Our performance products Equine Joint Support Formula 2 and Canine Joint Support Formula 2 provide very high levels of actives that occur naturally in the joints of young and healthy horses and dogs.

Not all forms of Glucosamine and Chondroitin are the same and their effectiveness varies greatly.

Similarly some herbal and oil based joint supplements act only as anti-inflammatories and while useful in the short term do not address the cause of joint and cartilage degeneration.

The actives used by Joint Performance are of the highest international pharmaceutical grade and of the correct molecular structure to ensure bio-availability and absorption into the target tissues.

This is why our joint supplement products are so effective at improving joint health.

They provide the essential building blocks that help maintain, repair and protect the joints and cartilage from damage resulting from wear and tear, ageing, trauma etc (Osteoarthritis/Degenerative Joint Disease).

Slow down cartilage degeneration

Highly palatable Supplements for maintenance, repair and protection of joints throughout your horse or dog’s life.

You want the best - let's talk value for money

Because we are 100% confident in saying our carefully blended supplements offer the highest quality on the Australian market.

Optimal joint health for your horse or dog

We are an Australian owned Company offering clinically tested products that offer real long-term joint pain relief.